Our Lakes of the Lakes Catholic School participated this year in the Give Miami Day Campaign, on November 17th, with hopes to raise funds to enhance our Technology Lab with a MakerSpace room. Thanks to the school community; as well as, Church parishioners the school raised $13,590.00 with 151 gifts in less than 24 hours.

“Through the generosity of our school family and parishioners, we will be able to move forward with the implementation of our S.T.R.E.A.M. Program that is focused on the integration of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the different Arts, and Mathematics. We envision a MakerSpace room where all students K-8 will have the opportunity to learn about video game design, programming, robotics, 3D printing and film making”, commented Ricardo Briz, school principal.

While donations could be received at any time over 24-hours, OLL offered some incentive prizes for gifts during the day. The winners were: Saby Gomez de Molina (Dining Certificate – Cancun Grill Restaurant), Adriana Davis (Dining Certificate – Italy Today Restaurant), Danny and Jackie Benitez (Walmart Gift Card), Evelyn Mendez ( Dianne’s Impressions Salon Gift Certificate), Patrick and Grethel Kunkel (Shell Gas Card).

We are very grateful to all the parents, alumni and parishioners joining together to donate and helping to support our students STREAM in to success!

Ricardo Briz