ABCD Drive

- Archbishop’s Charity and Development Drive

We Need You!

God has given us so much and God's generosity to us, especially the gift of His Only Son, inspires us to be generous and to share with others from the bounty of God's gifts we have received. Your generous support of the ABCD makes you an instrument of God's mercy and peace, and you become the answer to someone's prayer. Through the ABCD, as one faith community, we feed the hungry, cloth the poor, and care for the sick and dying. As one Church, we nourish and educate our children, assist our poor parishes and schools, and shelter the homeless. As Catholics, we defend and respect the dignity of all human life and work to eliminate prejudice and promote justice. You make all this possible.

Thank you to all who have already generously responded to this year's ABCD. Your support strengthens the ministries that serve our Archdiocese and allow the Church to form new disciples. As Scriptures remind us, Give and it shall be given to you.

If you have yet to respond to this year's ABCD, we need you! Please join us by making a gift now - even a small gift can make a big difference. You can obtain a pledge envelope from the parish office of you can make a gift online at Thank you and God bless you!

2018 ABCD English VIdeo